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Solid SilverScarab Pendant (jewelry gifts)
Price $58.00
18K Gold Eye of Horus pendant (jewelry gifts)
Price $249.00
18K Gold Ankh key with Diamond cut pendant With turquoise stone. (jewelry gifts)
Price $297.00
Silver ankh key with king Horus symbols pendant (jewelry gifts)
Price $25.00
Gold Ankh key pendant With multi colored stones (jewelry gifts)
Price $240.00
Silver water drop pendant with yellow stone (jewelry gifts)
Price $91.00
18k gold earrings with blue stone (jewelry gifts)
Price $170.00
solid Silver scarab pendant (jewelry gifts)
Price $41.00
Gold king Tutankhamen cartouche with colored Enamel (jewelry gifts)
Price $762.00
18K Gold Eye of Horus pendant With a turquoise stone (jewelry gifts)
Price $214.00
The sun Silver pendant (jewelry gifts)
Price $68.00
Scarab Temple gate gold pendant (jewelry gifts)
Price $1,038.00
silver Eye of Horus pendant (jewelry gifts)
Price $25.00
Gold royal lotus flower pendant (jewelry gifts)
Price $200.00
Plain silver Ankh key pendant (jewelry gifts)
Price $47.00
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