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Silver Cartouche with hollowed out filigree border

Widely regarded as one of Nilestone’s most visually stunning cartouches, this “Empowering Silver” is..

$84.00 $65.00

Silver customizable Egyptian cartouche with lotus and hieroglyphic border

A renowned ancient Egyptian design, this silver cartouche is nothing short of a true masterpiece. wi..

$73.00 $62.00

Silver customizable Egyptian  Box Cartouche

Truly a fine piece of work, this silver cartouche is designed in a “box” like manner, this meticulou..

$72.00 $58.00

Silver customizable Egyptian  Box Cartouche with Dark Background

Truly a fine piece of work, this silver cartouche is designed in a “box” like Manner with a Dark bac..

$72.00 $58.00

Silver Double Sided Egyptian Cartouche with hieroglyphic symbols table on the back.

A double sided ancient Egyptian cartouche pendant, made from sturdy solid silver. Your name in hiero..

$75.00 $63.00

silver eye of Horus filled & decorated with colored Enamel pendant (jewelry gifts)

silver Eye of Horus pendant Filled & decorated with colored Enamel. Horus lost one of his eyes. The ..

$52.00 $38.00

18k gold ankh key ring (Rings Collection)

One of the most wanted ankh key rings, a simple integrated 18k gold ankh key ring; The Ankh is commo..

$245.00 $185.00

18K Gold Ankh key with Diamond cut pendant With turquoise stone. (jewelry gifts)

18K Gold open (hollow) Ankh key pendant with a diamond cut frame and a Turquoise stone at the middle..

$510.00 $385.00

18K gold cartouche bracelet

This of the highest quality jewelry productions and a symbol of creative ability and one of Nileston..

$1,250.00 $985.00

18k gold infinity  ankh key ring (Rings Collection)

A simple 18k gold infinity ankh key ring , The Ankh is commonly known to mean life in the language o..

$470.00 $385.00

18K Gold King TuT horizontal Cartouche ring (personalized gifts)  

This Beautiful 18K gold Cartouche Ring will be Personalized with Your or your loved person’s name in..

$610.00 $480.00