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18K Gold scarab with  Lapis stone (jewelry gifts)

Unique 18K gold scarab pendant hand-crafted in the heart of Cairo, Egypt with a beautiful blue stone..

$390.00 $320.00

18k gold triple sided Egyptian Cartouche pendant

Can you simply imagine the option of having your name written in English, Arabic and Hieroglyphic on..

$840.00 $690.00

18K simple gold  Cartouche ring (Rings Collection)

A unique small Cartouche ring personalized with your name’s first characters, made from 18K gold and..

$310.00 $240.00

18k solid gold horizontal octagon cartouche pendant

A beautifully shaped octagonal 18k golden cartouche pendant with hieroglyphic alphabet border inscri..

$790.00 $720.00

18K SOLID gold Queen Isis Egyptian Cartouche with Ankh key & eye of Hours border.

Make a statement by wearing this stunning golden cartouche piece from Nilestone! State your name in ..

$530.00 $470.00

18K SOLID gold wide border Egyptian Cartouche with Ankh key & scarab border.

A beautiful classic Egyptian cartouche. Made of 18k pure gold, this cartouche pendant features a hig..

$790.00 $680.00

coupled ankh key  silver  bracelet

A coupled ankh key bracelet with remarkable details and superior finishing made from pure silver wit..

$170.00 $120.00

Gold royal lotus flower pendant (jewelry gifts)

The most famous planet at ancient Egypt , a 18K gold LOTUS pendant , the royal lotus flower is a tre..

$410.00 $360.00

Gold scarab with  white stone (jewelry gifts)

A truly luxurious and well designed Egyptian gold scarab with a beautiful and stylish white stone, t..

$395.00 $330.00

Personalized Notched cartouche bracelet

Solid and sturdy silver bracelet with personalized cartouche, the cartouche will be personalized wit..

$180.00 $135.00

Silver ankh key bracelet

A ankh key bracelet with remarkable details and superior finishing made from pure silver, The bracel..

$165.00 $110.00

Silver ankh key with king Horus symbols pendant (jewelry gifts)

Silver Ankh key pendant coupled with king Horus from left and right.No chain  included, you could ad..

$58.00 $40.00

Silver Box chain necklace. (Chains Collection)

Classic Box design chain, perfect for any occasion. Sumptuous silver and excellent craftsmanship are..

$43.00 $29.00

Silver cartouche pendant with 18k gold hieroglyphics symbols

Truly a fine piece of work, this silver cartouche is designed according to ancient Egyptian mytholog..

$180.00 $125.00