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Silver Hours eye bangle

A unique silver bangle with horus eye repeated at the middle line and surrounded with two smaller li..

$145.00 $105.00

silver Scarab and Ankh pendant   (jewelry gifts)

The Ankh; The symbolic representation of both Physical and Eternal life. It is the powerful symbol t..

$62.00 $42.00

Silver Solid three sides Cartouche

Can you simply imagine the option of having your name written in English, Arabic and Hieroglyphic on..

$145.00 $105.00

Silver thin Knot ring (Rings Collection)

Unique Silver handmade knot ring can be worn by a man or a woman. The knot is a symbol of God's neve..

$68.00 $45.00

Solid Silver Scarab Pendant (jewelry gifts)

Unique solid silver scarab pendant represents the powers of creativity and re-creation that which br..

$70.00 $58.00

SPECIAL ORDER :18K heavy gold Egyptian cartouche

This of the highest quality cartouches and one of Nilestone’s extraordinary and Stunning Egyptian 18..

$520.00 $395.00

sterling silver ring with blue lapis stone (Rings Collection)

Launch a new look in your style with this Silver and lapis ring. This ring features an oval shaped b..

$78.00 $62.00

Four Sides 18K Gold Cartouche

A sturdy 18K Gold cartouche handcrafted to perfection. Four  siding ensures that you can have your N..

$810.00 $690.00

Four Sides Silver Cartouche

A sturdy Silver cartouche handcrafted to perfection. Four  siding ensures that you can have your Nam..

$165.00 $105.00

Wide Special gold Egyptian cartouche with notched back ground (personalized gifts)

Special Wide18k  gold Egyptian cartouche with  Notched back ground personalized by translating your ..

$442.00 $345.00

Winged scarab with colored enamel

A sturdy silver bangle with a fabulous handmade winged scarab and decorated with a very beautiful an..

$189.00 $135.00