Cartouche History and Wiki

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Cartouche History
an Ancient Egyptian cartouche /kɑːrˈtuːʃ/ is an oval shape with a horizontal baseline at buttom, The symbols inclosed enclosed is a royal name.Cartouche started to be used from the Fourth Dynasty under Pharaoh Sneferu, The cartouche could be horizontal or vertical based on name fittin. the hieroglyphic word for cartouche is shenu.

How To say Cartouche
[kahr-toosh] or car·touch , Hear the cartouche in voice below :

Definition of 'Cartouche' 
Is actually a french word meaning 'gun cartridge'. when napoleon's soldiers were in Egypt, they nicknamed the oval shape surrounding the king names with that word because it reminded them of the shape of their gun cartridges, or bullets. at the time, people could not read hieroglyphic writing, it's became so commonly used that it has remained the standard name for the shape around the name of an egyptian pharaoh or queen.

Egyptian Cartouche