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There is nothing like a jewelry gift that says, "It's a unique and it's made just for you", Nilestone Cartouches attracts the attention of many admirers who naturally have never seen such a beautiful and unusual piece of jewelry, the Egyptian cartouche were worn only by the pharaohs or kings of ancient Egypt and features there names, nilestone's Egyptian artists translate your name into the beautiful ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics symbols and featured on a pure silver or 18k gold pendant Fin more about cartouche Styles here.


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Definition of 'Cartouche'
Is actually a french word meaning 'gun cartridge'. when napoleon's soldiers were in Egypt, they nicknamed the oval shape surrounding the king names with that word because it reminded them of the shape of their gun cartridges, or bullets. at the time, people could not read hieroglyphic writing, it's became so commonly used that it has remained the standard name for the shape around the name of an egyptian pharaoh or queen.

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