Gold Cartouche

Gold Cartouche
Gold Cartouche
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18K Gold Cartouche bracelet

This Beautiful 18K gold Cartouche bracelet will be Personalized with Your or your loved person’s nam..


Four Sides 18K Gold Cartouche

A sturdy 18K Gold cartouche handcrafted to perfection. Four  siding ensures that you can have your N..

$1,350.00 $1,300.00

Gold king Tutankhamen  cartouche with colored Enamel (jewelry gifts)

For king TUT lovers, a unique king TUT’s cartouche decorated with multi colored Enamel and feature t..


Personalized 18K cartouche with lotus flower bracelet

Solid and sturdy 18K gold bracelet with personalized cartouche surrounded by filigree Lotus flower, ..


personalized Gold temple gate pendant (personalized gifts)

Nilestones unique 18K gold pendant , the pendant represent the ancient Egyptian temple gate with a w..


Wide Special gold Egyptian cartouche with notched back ground (personalized gifts)

Special Wide18k  gold Egyptian cartouche with  Notched back ground personalized by translating your ..

$750.00 $680.00