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silver Eye of Horus pendant (jewelry gifts)  

The most wanted Eye of Horus simple pendant which the protection for the ancient Egyptians.No chain ..

$55.00 $38.00

silver Horus eye pendant (jewelry gifts)

The Egyptian pure silver Horus Eye Pendant-Also know as the UDJAT (meaning eye), it was the eye of  ..

$48.00 $38.00

winged Silver Scarab Pendant (jewelry gifts)

A solid silver Egyptian winged scarab pendant with silver base, approximate length of 0.9 inch measu..

$58.00 $48.00

18K Gold scarab with blue stone (jewelry gifts)

A unique scarab design with a matching Blue stone , the pendant is 18K gold and measure about 1” , t..


18K Gold scarab with blue stone  and colored Enamel (jewelry gifts)

Nilestone most unique gold scarab pendant with blue stone and attractive colored Enamel frame surrou..


Filigree silver Egyptian scarab Pendant (jewelry gifts)

A unique Luxurious silver scarab Decorated by a hand made filigree silver wires , the Scarab is the ..


Gold Ankh key pendant Filled and decorated with colored Enamel (jewelry gifts)

18K gold colorful Gold Ankh key pendant decorated with colored Enamel and measure about 1”.  No chai..


Gold Horus eye  with colored Enamel (jewelry gifts)

gold Horus eye pendant decorated with colored Enamel. Horus lost one of his eyes. The eye was restor..


silver Ankh key with dark blue Enamel (jewelry gifts)

Silver Ankh key pendant with dark blue  Enamel The ankh hieroglyph is called the key of the Nile and..


Silver Egyptian scarab with a blue Enamel (jewelry gifts)

Solid Silver Egyptian scarab pendant decorated with a beautiful blue stone, the Scarab is the symbol..


Silver Egyptian scarab with red enamel (jewelry gifts)

Solid Silver Egyptian scarab pendant decorated with a beautiful red stone, the Scarab is the symboli..


Silver great pyramid of Khufu pendant (jewelry gifts)

simple Silver pyramid’s pendant, the pendant feature the Unique shape of the famous Great Pyramid of..


silver Scarab and Ankh pendant   (jewelry gifts)

The Ankh; The symbolic representation of both Physical and Eternal life. It is the powerful symbol t..

$62.00 $42.00