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Silver Egyptian Scarab Pendant

Solid Silver Egyptian Scarab Pendant, the scarab is symbolic of the Sun and It represents the powers..


18k Gold Ankh key with white stone Scarab (jewelry gifts)  

Truly stunning and beautifully styled 18k Gold Ankh key pendant coupled with white Scarab at the mid..

$370.00 $265.00

18k gold scarab ring with two lotus flowers (Rings Collection)

18k gold scarab ring surrounded by two lotus flowers, the scarab is the symbolic of the Sun and It r..


18K Gold scarab with  Lapis stone (jewelry gifts)

Unique 18K gold scarab pendant hand-crafted in the heart of Cairo, Egypt with a beautiful blue stone..

$355.00 $270.00

18K SOLID gold wide border Egyptian Cartouche with Ankh key & scarab border.

A beautiful classic Egyptian cartouche. Made of 18k pure gold, this cartouche pendant features a hig..

$685.00 $530.00

Double side silver scarab pendant (jewelry gifts)

Silver double side scarab pendant with  Turquoise stone, the Scarab is a symbolic of the Sun and It ..


Gold scarab with turquoise stone (jewelry gifts)

Unique 18K gold scarab pendant with a beautiful Turquoise stone and a gold base engraved with scarab..


Gold scarab with  white stone (jewelry gifts)

A truly luxurious and well designed Egyptian gold scarab with a beautiful and stylish white stone, t..

$340.00 $285.00

King TUT bangle with embossed scarab

King TUT bangle with the scarab at the middle embossed and surrounded by ankh keys , a unique bangle..


silver Ankh key pendant with engraved scarab (jewelry gifts)

The Ankh; The symbolic representation of both Physical and Eternal life. It is the powerful symbol t..


Silver Scarab bracelet

A silver scarab bracelet with remarkable details and superior finishing made from pure silver, The b..

$104.00 $75.00

Silver scarab with ankhs bangle

A sturdy silver bangle with a fabulous handmade scarab surrounded by two ankh keys, You will be amaz..

$142.00 $95.00

winged Silver Scarab Pendant (jewelry gifts)

A solid silver Egyptian winged scarab pendant with silver base, approximate length of 0.9 inch measu..

$58.00 $42.00

18k Gold filigree scarab ring (Rings Collection)

Nilestone’s unique Egyptian filigree ring ,the ring is 18k handmade gold and feature a turquoise sca..