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Nilestone Famous Egyptian Silver Cartouche Pendant

Nilestone most wanted cartouche, Make a statement by wearing this stunning silver piece from Nilesto..

$65.00 $45.00

Silver Cartouche with filigree border and dark background   

Wear this on a day to day basis and you’re bound to catch people’s eyes! This superior silver cartou..

$68.00 $48.00

Silver Egyptian Scarab Pendant

Solid Silver Egyptian Scarab Pendant, the scarab is symbolic of the Sun and It represents the powers..


Double sides Silver Cartouche with Filigree Border

Expertly Handcrafted & Meticulously Detailed silver double sides cartouche with a Filigree border pe..

$95.00 $70.00

Silver cartouche with lotus alphabet border and gold symbols (personalized gifts)

Silver Egyptian cartouche Hieroglyphic symbols border Royal Lotus flower on the nick of the cartouch..

$158.00 $115.00

Silver customizable cartouche pendant with dark Background

Beautiful filigree borders adorn this superior silver cartouche, as its dark background provides the..

$68.00 $48.00

Silver customizable Egyptian cartouche with Filigree Border

Our famed silver cartouche with special filigree borders Crafted with ultimate precision and meticul..

$68.00 $48.00

Lotus Silver Cartouche with Dark Background

A renowned ancient Egyptian design, this silver cartouche is nothing short of a true masterpiece. wi..

$73.00 $55.00

Open Silver Cartouche

By far, one of the most sought after of the Nilestone cartouches, the “Open Silver” is crafted to br..

$72.00 $48.00

Open Silver Cartouche with Filigree Border

A highly unique Egyptian Silver cartouche, open and hollow from the inside with a superiorly carved ..

$72.00 $48.00

Personalized Silver cartouche with dark background Bracelet

one of the most sought after of the Nilestone Gifts for Him, Personalized Silver cartouche with dark..

$84.00 $65.00

Plain silver Ankh key pendant (jewelry gifts)

Very simple and beautiful silver ankh key pendant with an approximate size of 2” long and 0.9” width..

$71.00 $45.00

Queen Isis Silver Egyptian Cartouche.

Make a statement by wearing this stunning silver piece from Nilestone! State your name in ancient Eg..

$83.00 $65.00

Silver cartouche bracelet

Solid and sturdy silver bracelet with personalized cartouche, the cartouche will be personalized wit..

$145.00 $115.00

Silver cartouche keychain with dark back ground (personalized gifts)

A perfect personalized gift for him , the gift that get all the attention all the time a Silver cart..

$135.00 $95.00