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The cartouche pendant is one of nilestone's egyptian jewelry collection, a unique gift ideas that will certainly attract attention and give a verve to your style. impress your love with this new and inspired gift idea, choose from nilestone's unique personalized egyptian cartouche, worn only by the pharaohs of ancient egypt and bearing their names, or from the unique collection of handmade egyptian ankh and scarab pendants treasured forever!. you could read more here about cartouche definition.


Egyptian Hieroglyphics
a step by step initiation into the language of ancient egypt, learn more info about hieroglyphicssymbols ,and more info about egyptian cartouche jewelry also how it's used in writing plus some samples of egyptian hieroglyphics phrases and it's meaning. Know more about Hieroglyphic symbols

Egyptian Jewelry
jewelry has played various roles in ancient egypt eras (egyptian jewelry) and jewelry in general was used in daily life throughout the pharaohs era until the roman times. ancient egyptians were keen to keep a good number of jewelry pieces in the tomb, learn more about egyptian jewelry history.

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