Egyptian jewelry

Egyptian jewelry

Why nilestone Egyptian Jewelry
Nilestone one of a kind, unique and custom jewelry collection, handcrafted by talented Egyptian artisans. our custom jewelry is unique and contains the highest quality authentic turquoise, sterling silver and unique beads which have been meticulously hand picked and handcrafted into our necklaces, rings bracelets and cartouche , all of the gold jewelry is made from a 18k gold and stamped for authenticity or pure 925 sterling Silver.


Egyptian jewelry

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Definition of 'Egyptian Jewelry'
Jewelry used in ancient Egypt known as “Egyptian Jewelry” which is:
“All forms of jewelry was used as lucky charms, Pendants, Bracelet or rings that supposedly helped ancient Egyptians to get closer to the gods and goddesses” Ancient Egyptians skillfully made bracelets and armlets out of flint at the beginning and then the Gold, Glass and Silver with precious stones used to formThe exact technique used to form jewelry is not known, but there are several theories based on the examples that have been found in graves and workshops

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Egyptian jewelry history
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